Praise for “The Reader”

watched “the reader” on a sunday a couple of months ago. a bit late to post the review, but just felt like it now.

brilliant movie. although as indians we don’t have the emotional baggage that europeans have over the nazi, anti-semetic subject, it still had a powerful impact.

… not to mention the steamy scenes with kate winslet and david krosby 🙂

a friend wanted to see the movie, and we talked about it saturday night. he said something about WW-2 backdrop, anti-semetic, from the point of view of a perpetrator, etc. – sounded morbid to me, and i was not too inclined. (considering that this is the same friend who took me to maqbool a week before my son was born, and then to omkara more recently! both were brilliant films, but one must admit they are violent as well as morbid).

then he mentioned ralph fienes. drool drool drool, my interest level went up. i was intrigued (over and above just ralph fienes) after this friend read out a review from “rotten tomatoes” about the movie.

but i must say david krosby stole the movie away from ralph fienes. besides the good looks, excellent acting too. and of course ms. winslet won the best actress for it.

great treatment of the subject, no unnecessary explanations, excuses, etc.

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