Ujale Baaz

Oil Pastel on Paper, 21 June 2009. Copied from an old notebook cover page, not my original.

Ok, the bird in the painting is not, by any stretch of imagination, a “Glowing Eagle” (which is what Ujale Baaz means)… but somehow in my mind, the song “Ujale Baaz” seems very apt for this painting. Ujale Baaz is by a Pune rock band Agnee, the singer is Mohan. Don’t you just looove his voice?! Have heard a live concert of Agnee at Soul in ABC Farms, Pune – am totally फ़िदा over his voice…

Here’s a video of the song on YouTube:


And here are the lyrics in Hindi:

उजले बाज़ के सपनों से क्यों यारी हो गयी रे

पिंजरे में थे बंद, उधने की तैय्यारी हो गयी रे

मेरी, मैं एक शिकरा यार बनाया

एक उदारी ऐसी मारी

लौट के फिर न आया

इधर उडे कभी उधर उडे हम थके पंख के संग रे

कैद हुए थे हम, कैद से यारी हो गयी रे

उजाले बाज़ के सपनों से क्यों यारी हो गयी रे

गर फिरदौस बरू-इ-ज़मीन असता

हमीं असता, हमीं असता, हमीं असता…

The last line translated by Mohan: “If paradise were to exist on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here”.

Agnee’s / Mohan’s blogs:


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