Phantom in the raft

For weeks, or maybe even months, I haven’t dreamt of the ocean. I was missing my ocean dreams, and just like that, last night, it came back to me. The old familiar theme of the ocean. And me in it.

No colors this time, at least, no specific highlights around colors, even though it was a “color dream” not b&w.

This is the first of my ocean dreams you made an appearance in: you are floating on a rubber dingy, or a sort of rubber raft. Lying on your back with your legs dangling over the edge, into the water. Smiling up at me.

I am lying on top of you, face down, across the raft. I see all this as if I am not me, but a third-party observer: we form a kind of “X” if you picture us from above.

The waves are frolicking around, not aggressive, not threatening. We are floating about at random. Then suddenly we are at a pier, and you have climbed out of the raft on to the pier. I am bobbing up and down in the ocean, next to the raft, trying to keep it lined up next to the pier for you to jump in: but the raft moves annoyingly away! Each time I reach out, I only barely touch the raft with my fingertips, and this pushes it away further. You laugh and bring the raft closer. How? you are on the pier… but nevermind, it’s a minor detail 😉

Then you are back on the pier, and you jump into the raft. I worry that you will overturn it, but you land neatly into it. I climb in from the water and sit at your head, with my legs around your shoulders. We are sitting up like this, and I am considerably high above the water. As we float, the raft speeds up, and it is suddenly going under a low bridge… like one of the canal bridges. I hold the edge of the bridge to brace myself and smoothly bend backwards to pass under the bridge.

And we float on… no destination, no agenda… but nice and lazy and together. Welcome to my ocean dream, Phantom!

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2 thoughts on “Phantom in the raft

  1. "I'm a rock. I'm an island."
    Once, a wanderer stopped by.
    Climbed up to me, held my hand
    And chiselled a sweet tune from my heart.
    Amidst a roaring ocean – crumbling in fear –
    I withdrew myself. I looked away,
    Never to see the wanderer again.

    Years have passed:
    I'm a rock. I'm still an island.
    Amidst these lashing waves,
    Rising waters – drowned humor –
    I still tremble in fear. But, I look up now
    With a faint memory of a song,
    I once knew in my heart.

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