Helikonia ??

A weekend away, a timeout within a timeout. Magical and golden despite the grey skies and rain.

Driving without speed limits, just you and I. Across the border, another first. Rain splashing on the windscreen, wipers squeaking. Ah the rolling hills, and trees clad in autumn hues… the road winding through sun and rain across this landscape.

A milestone achieved, a celebration: champagne, radler, cola… cakes with graduation hats, muffins, chips, small junkie bites: bitterballen, groentenkroket… deep fried delicacies to mark the occasion. Someone ODs on a Polaroid camera. We aimlessly speculate on the romances in the air, I play DJ for a while: only I have to keep borrowing the fingerprint of the guy whose laptop it is.

A well-earned night in a bed without gaat, watching a favorite brain-dead soap.

We eat breakfast watching a suckling pig on a spit being transported in a glass vehicle.

Lazily wandering the streets of Helikonia with you and the clan. Together yet apart: with them, yet in a world of our own. Someone wise wrote a book on blue shoes and happiness – make it red, and that’s my kind of happiness!

On and on we walk, in and out of shops. Oh all the walking makes for some cranks, but that’s normal we say. We’re normal, we say. Forehead to forehead, oog-in-oog, sitting on a park bench by the river front. Some curious passers-by think otherwise – and some are not afraid to turn and stare, but we don’t care.

Eating dinner with our hands, sharing from the same plate – what could be more gezellig?

Hearts, paws, feet and a lost glass slipper on blue velvet
Hearts, paws, feet and a lost glass slipper on blue velvet

A long drive back, more sun and rain. Hmm… the heady feeling of no speed limits can get quite addictive I fear. And then I discover how funny Mormons can be (South Park humor notwithstanding).

The weekend’s done my Cinderella one! And now I’m left with a glass slipper, to wait for you to come back and step into 🙂 ❤️??

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