“Haroun and the Sea of Stories” – I love this book, the only one of S.Rushdie I have read. Here’s a short passage from the book that just caught my eye today…

‘Khattam-Shud,’ Haroun frowned. ‘What was that story you used to tell…?’

Rashid spoke as if he were remembering an old, old dream.

‘Khattam-Shud,’ he said slowly, ‘is the Arch-Enemy of all Stories, even of Language itself. He is the Prince of Silence and the Foe of Speech. And because everything ends, because dreams end, stories end, life ends, at the finish of everything, we use his name. “It’s finished,” we tell one another, “it’s over. Khattam-Shud: The End.”‘

Wah-wah Mr.Rushdie… what a beautiful eloquent way you have of putting things! I couldn’t have said it better if I tried…
and I have tried… πŸ™ …or should I be smiling… πŸ™‚


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