The Blue Tsunami

Like most people alive, I have never actually seen a Tsunami face-to-face. But my brain seems to have its own impression of what a Tsunami looks like.

Last night, I had a dream of a blue wall of water advancing suddenly. I am standing on a concrete platform at the edge of the ocean. The platform even has white-painted metal handrails. There are a few other people on the platform, among them Ak. There is some commotion, and I turn my head to see this blue wall of water very close. The next part of the dream happens in slow motion: I call out to Ak to hold my hand, and sweet child that he is, he obeys without questions (only in my dreams!). I grasp his hand, and we’re out of slow motion into fast-paced action. Another unidentified woman (my mother? my aunt who died 2 years ago? dunno…) asks to hold my other hand, and amidst the tumbling water, I manage to get a grip on her too. There is a great sense of calm in me – I am holding fast to these two people, and we will be safe. The three of us are tumbled about at first and then we find ourselves carried smoothly and gently on a blue wave into the shallows. There is no sound throughout the sequence. Although I wake up with my heart beating faster, there was no panic in the dream. Not quite my usual soothing ocean dream, but somehow still comforting that the ocean is back in my head.

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